Gastronomic society in the Barcelona’s dock

Architecture - Sustainability - Social Inclusion


This project is based in the urban rehabilitation of the old port of Barcelona, witch is called “Port Vell”, that it’s located in the “Barceloneta”‘s district.


The main objective of the project is to give a new use to all the area. The new use will be combined with the actual needs of the fishermen who are actually working there. The new use is a co-working space focused in a culinary school where the students can learn to cook with the product that is fished by the fishermen in the port.

Floor plan

The intervention is a porch that is an amplification of the existing orthogonal structure. That space unify the orthogonal structure, that becomes the kitchen where the students work, and the old fishermen houses are transformed to classrooms for the lectures.

Section 1

Finally, the old factory, that is at the end of the port, is rehabilitated conserving its structure. In the project, it can be used as a place of work of the fishers but also as a public place for the citizens.

Section 2

Section with perpective


In the first image there’s the porch that it is the union between the lecture classrooms and the kitchen zones.

In the second image one sees the image of the union between the new roof of the rehabilitated building and the roof of the former store, which becomes a place of work and of leisure.

The first image is the central walk that is defined in the public space. In the left side one sees the rehabilitated building that passes to be used as space for the paperwork of the port. In the right there are a few “boxes” of concrete that serve as places for the fishermen.

In the second image, there is the union between the rehabilitation of the orthogonal structures and the new porch formed by hexagons.

Images of the interior space of the rehabilitation of the orthogonal structures, which are the spaces where the kitchen students work.

Model views