Architecture - Sustainability - Social Inclusion


For me the architecture has the main objective to work on matters related to the social metabolism, the cycles of useful life of the materials related to the habitability, as well as processes of energetic transition and uses of the public space that affect the social current model.

I try to project with an integral approach of the concept of sustainability, witch means to close the material cycles in the technical processes that satisfy the human needs, but without reducing the speech to exclusively technical subjects.

I am specially interested in how the energetic transition and the search of more sustainable ways of life can be used as catalysts to affect in social changes witch are indispensable for more fair organizational models, as well as useful strategies for the emancipation of the most vulnerable social classes.

Methodologically, I am interested in working at different scales, from the most extensive territorial area to domestic spaces, in rural and urban zones. I pay particular attention to the different ways of life in different urban and housing models and how they concern the consumption and production of material elements necessary for the life. I am also interested in the cycles of useful life of the elements that guarantee that our life has a level of habitability socially acceptable.

I got the architect’s title(degree) in the ETSAV-UPC (Technical Hight School of Architecture of the Vallès) (2009-2015) with the Final Project “Rehabilitating Badia del Vallès with criteria of social cohesion and energy efficiency ” (link) while I was employed at different companies related to architecture and engineering, as OTSA, IDP and K-Line (webs). Later, I obtained the MISMeC (Master degree of Sustainable Intervention in the Constructed Context) (2016-2017) with a global qualification of excellent (9) with the Master’s Thesis “Comparison between the economic and social cost of the patients treated or to rehabilitate housings with energetic poverty” obtaining the maximum qualification (10+MH).

Once I ended my master degree I was contracted by Badia del Vallès‘s Town hall to be employed at the projects that I initiated to the university in order that they could materialize. In the town hall I am employed in 5 projects:

1- Housing rehabilitation for habitability and energy efficiency improvement in Badia del Vallès (link)

2- Badia NZEB (Nearly Zero Emission Buildings) (link)

3- URBACT (link)
4- Restructuration of the public equipments and public spaces left in Badia del Vallès. In cooperation with the ETSAV (Technical Hight School of Architecture of the Vallès) (link)

5- Integral project against the energetic poverty in Badia del Vallès (link)


Both in my student’s stage of architecture and in my professional life I have developed projects with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the people and their relation with the environmento.

In this paragraph I explain some of the projects where I have been employed in my during my life, as a professional and student..


In this paragraph I show the offers presented in contests that I have realized


In this paragraph I show the publications related to urban development and architectural projects.

1- First part of the summary of my study of relation between the health and the energetic poverty (31/02/2018)


2- First part of the summary of my study of relation between the health and the energetic poverty (31/02/2018)


3- Article about the health effects related with fuel poverty (31/02/2018)



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