La vessant

Architecture - Sustainability - Social Inclusion

The present project tries to give response to the transformation that the square of Lleida’s audience needs. We depart from a square that is used as parking in spite of being qualified as green space, with a local pressure in order that the space turns into green space and a pressure of the merchants’ union that wants that it continues being a parking. Departing from this situation, the square must be green and the function of parking must relapse into the parking that is placed behind the audience.
The context where they are located is marked by the relation between the Seu Vella, the hill where the slope and the limit is located and the square of the audience. The real area of the project is not only the proposed square but the whole relation of spaces. Of this form, we see that the street of the Seu Vella, placed on the first wall that touches the limit of the square, it is a calm place, with conference, separated from the cars and of the noise, which can become a park connector and pedestrian. The walls of stone were playing with the idea of strength of the Seu Vella, simultaneously having a different program from the length of all his tour, being structural, a hotel of insects, rafts of water, water tanks inside the wall and urban gardens along the striping that provide life to the place.

On the subject of the square, we think that more importantly is to show the Roman archaeological tracks. Ahead the impediment of being able to plant because of the type of subsoil, we wanted plant window boxes creating a shaded and agreeable space that complements the Roman ruins. A great green space in front of the Audience will show to the citizenship its origins. Depending on the depth where they find these tracks, it is possible to contemplate the connection with the room of exhibitions that already has the Audience. We support the idea of “the levels” that has the square nowadays and promote the transition between the different platforms across one great stairs with ramp. In order that it is perceived as a great space, we propose a unique platform, where the car becomes a punctual element and the neighbors have the space reserved.

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